Roll Need: The Classic WoW Adventure - Week 4 - A Call to Arms

October 18, 2018

Assessing the Threat - After meeting up with Guard Burton in the Lakeshire Inn, the party finds their task of guard duty might be uneventful. The first day of on the job training goes off without a hitch. However, after the guards they are filling in for depart for Southshore the next day, their first opportunity to actually act as guards of the town turns up from an unexpected call for help.


Roll Need: The Classic WoW Adventure - Week 3 - Protecting the Herd

October 5, 2018

Protecting the Herd - Still searching the area near Vagosh's apparent true home, the weary group prepares an ambush of... unfortunate results. Afterwards, the party returns to Ironforge and happen to meet with an unlikely recruiter for what they believe may be their next true call to adventure!

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Roll Need: The Classic WoW Adventure - Week 2 - Wendigo to the Airport

September 28, 2018

Our adventure continues with the group leaving the Amberstill Ranch headed towards the top of the cliffs overlooking Ironforge. In pursuit of the nasty Vagosh, the party tracks the beast by the trail it left when carrying it's previous kill to its true home. The party begins searching the airport in hopes of catching the beast unaware.

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Roll Need: The Classic WoW Adventure - Week 1 - The Adventure Begins

September 21, 2018

Our adventurers will be meeting for the first time in the great city of Ironforge. From here this  group of unlikely companions will set out on their first quest.